Posted on Oct 1, 2016

October Newsletter

I hope you’ve all had a wonderful and relaxing end of summer and are looking forward to a fruitful autumn. As things cool down outside, I’m happy to see residents of Calgary-Buffalo making the most of the weather by using our abundant walking and cycling paths and spending time in public parks.

This month marks the first stage of the minimum wage increase in Alberta. As of October 1st, the minimum wage in our province will be $12.20 per hour. By 2018, the government plans to implement a minimum wage of $15 per hour, which is a move towards a living wage for hardworking Albertans. Working families are the backbone of Alberta’s economy, and we must ensure the minimum wage is set to a level that benefits their community.

The government promised to make work fairer by improving the income of those who work for minimum wage. Increasing the minimum wage will mean that fewer families have to visit the food bank to make ends meet. Every Albertan who works full-time deserves to earn enough to provide the basics for their families, as well as be able to afford housing and transportation.

While Alberta is currently facing a decline in the price of oil, the government has taken steps to see families and businesses through the current economic climate and the transition to a $15 per hour minimum wage. For small businesses, the small business corporate income tax rates have been reduced from three per cent to two per cent. Additionally, the government has created the Capital Investment Tax Credit, the Alberta Investor Tax Credit, and has continued to support economic diversification and lending to small and medium-sized businesses through a $1.5 billion program with Alberta Treasury Branches. For vulnerable families, the new Alberta Child Benefit provides up to $2,750 per year.

There is a growing trend to support a minimum wage rate that can help provide a better standard of living. Alberta is the first jurisdiction in Canada to commit to implementing a minimum wage of $15 per hour. If you would like to discuss the increase to the minimum wage further, please do not hesitate to contact me or my staff at the Calgary-Buffalo constituency office. We can be reached at or by calling 403-244-7737.