Posted on May 2, 2016

May Newsletter

Chatting with Linda McLean, executive director of Inn From the Cold, about family homelessness in Calgary.

I had the opportunity in April to spend two full weeks in Calgary-Buffalo, which I spent meeting with constituents and walking through the many diverse and vibrant neighborhoods in the community. I was able to have many meaningful conversations at local coffee shops, within residential buildings, and at the Calgary-Buffalo constituency office. Constituents shared many personal experiences with me, including how they’re navigating these tough economic times, their thoughts on this unbelievably warm winter and spring, and their connection to the community of Calgary-Buffalo. I greatly appreciated this valuable time in Calgary-Buffalo, as I will now be taking all of this information with me to the Legislature in May where I will be representing you and your families. I continue to appreciate and welcome feedback and suggestions, and my staff can be reached at or at 403-244-7737.

May is a busy month in the provincial Legislature, where myself and all other MLA’s will be sitting for 17 of 21 working days. I’m looking forward to working with my fellow MLA’s in shaping the future of this province.

More locally, I will be attending two very important events at the end of the month. On May 28th, I will be joining many professionals and academics at the University of Calgary for an interdisciplinary conversation about access to social justice. Access to justice and social justice is a vital component of maintain dignity and human rights for all Canadians, and I am looking forward to engaging in valuable and meaningful discussions passionate Calgarian’s.

On May 29th, the Fire Services Exemplary Services Medals will be presented to a few of the many exceptional fire service professionals from this city. Together, we can celebrate the achievements and recognize the sacrifices made by the many individuals that have dedicated their lives to public safety.