Posted on May 4, 2017

Making Life Better For Albertans

I’ve been working hard in the Legislature to make your life better, help create jobs, and protect the services that you count on. Families have been at the top of mind for me, as the Calgary-Buffalo constituency has many young families as part of its community. I am busy ensuring that those families, and all of my constituents, have a bright future ahead of them through my work at the Legislature.

Introduced in March, Bill 1, An Act to Reduce School Fees, will eliminate school boards’ ability to levy fees for instructional materials or supplies, or transportation fees for eligible students. The parents of nearly 600,000 Albertan students would benefit from an instructional fee removal, and families of an additional 140,000 students would have more money in their pockets with a transportation fee reduction. This bill will assist families whose children attend the many schools in Calgary-Buffalo, such as Connaught Elementary and Western Canada High School. It will also assist families that bus their children from outside our community.

Overall, it’s projected that Alberta families will save $54 million in the 2017/2018 school year. These hard-earned savings can be used on other important things, such as paying for groceries, mortgages, or extra-curricular activities. The Calgary Board of Education and the Calgary Catholic School Board will receive funding to offset the loss of fee revenues, to ensure that education programming is maintained and even increased for students.

Budget 2017 is about making lives better for Albertans. We have put in a tough couple of years, but I’m working to ensure your government is there to support you and your family. This year’s budget focuses on investing in long-overdue repairs and modernizations of our schools and hospitals, critical improvements to our roads and highways and creating and protecting jobs. Albertans’ lives are remaining affordable as we keep taxes in Alberta the lowest in the country, with an increase in the tax advantage to $8.7 billion over Saskatchewan. We are bringing the provincial deficit down thoughtfully and prudently, taking into account the effect of government debt on future generations, without making drastic cuts to education and healthcare. While we’re all concerned with the present, we must also think of the future – the 2017 budget balances these focuses.