Posted on Aug 1, 2017

Help improve Alberta’s consumer protection laws

You deserve to be protected when making a purchase, big or small. And businesses deserve to be protected from companies who don’t play by the rules. For the most part, I have confidence in my purchases, but we’ve all heard horror stories of scams on the news, or maybe you’ve had a bad experience with an aggressive door-to-door salesperson yourself. I’ve heard from many Calgary-Buffalo constituents about unsolicited sales calls and aggressive sales tactics that make people feel pressured.


Our government is working to make life better by protecting families from scams, false claims, unfair tactics, aggressive sales pitches, and price gouging. These stories hurt businesses, too; it’s not fair to the majority of honest companies in Alberta to have their reputation undermined. I hate to think about small and family businesses having to compete against unfair tactics.


We want a marketplace that’s fair for buyers and sellers. This creates consumer confidence – and that’s good for business. Consumer protection laws help protect consumers from unfair practices and businesses from unfair competition. But – are these laws keeping pace with changes and trends in the marketplace?


We want to hear from all Albertans – whether you are a buyer or seller – about how we can protect your pocketbook and help businesses compete on a level playing field.


How can you get involved?

  • Complete an online survey at until September 15, 2017


  • Participate in an open house session (visit for a detailed schedule).


  • If you are with a specific consumer or business group, look for invites from your business association/Chamber of Commerce to solicit group feedback for targeted stakeholder discussions.


We want to make sure our laws protect consumers and help businesses compete fairly. Now more than ever we need strong rules to increase consumer confidence.


Through the public consultations, we want to know how familiar Albertans are with consumer protections currently in place, if those protections are working for you, and what needs improvement. We will also be asking questions about specific issues like ticket sales and warranties.


The consultation feedback will help inform improvements to consumer protection legislation and contribute to our government’s efforts to make life better by protecting consumers and ensuring there’s a fair, competitive marketplace for businesses.